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Kasriel Lewis' Full Resume


Kasriel is a passionate engineer who likes being challenged in embedded software and hardware design. He enjoys producing both proof of concept as well as functional prototypes. His knowledge of multimeters, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes and embedded code debuggers allows him to quickly and efficiently solve issues at hand.
Kasriel has good communication skills as demonstrated by his ongoing blogging for Element14’s engineering community. He is a hard worker who gets the job done quickly and correctly. His ability to work independently with minimal support as well as within a team makes him an all-round employee. His ability to think problems through logically and thoroughly allows for the job to be done correctly the first time the
Kasriel’s skills and abilities can therefore be summed up as an outgoing passionate person who is creative and works hard to make your company succeed

Skills Summary

  • RF Basics learned from work done at Tyco
  • Surface Mount Soldering Skills, developed as a hardware engineer at Tyco
  • Circuit Design for small circuits learned from work at Tyco & as a Robotics Teacher
  • Embedded code design, programing and optimization (C, C++), Assembly Language (Basic)
  • Object oriented programming (C++, Java, C#)
  • Familiar with various microcontrollers and vendors, MSP430 (TI), ARM (TI, Freescale), Microchip
  • Basic Machining & component building, developed through research assistant position

Work Experience

Product Review and Demonstration, Blogger (Freelance), Element14.com, 2013 - Present (Blog Entries)

  • Write project proposals explaining the use case and new information to increase site traffic
  • Create easy to read blogs with interesting and informative pictures to bring readers into the project
  • Design and populate project specific PCBs (Cadsoft Eagle)
  • Write software for various platforms in different IDEs (CCS, CodeWarrior, mbed, MPLAB X, etc.)
  • Used and explained complex libraries to readers enabling them to repeat and expand on projects for their own needs (TCP IP stack, rest API, etc.)
  • Determined system specifications, input/output processes and working parameters for hardware/software compatibility ensuring project completion first time

Refurbishment Technician (Contract), Curtiss Wright, Newmarket, December- January 2017

  • Disassembled overspeed switches used to prevent overspeed conditions in power generation
  • Documented discrepancies and irregularities found during disassembly and reassembly
  • Reassembled overspeed switches using mechanical CAD drawings
  • Corrected wear issues using various machining techniques 
  • Resolved performance issue using troubleshooting techniques

Embedded Software Engineer (Contract), Magna Closures Technical Center, Newmarket, June - August 2016

  • Chip bring up and support
  • Discovered and resolved system issues for ultrasonic object detection
  • Assembled prototype boards for code testing and validation
  • Discovered and resolved system issues for ultrasonic object detection

Embedded Software Engineer, Phoenix Geophysics, Toronto, 2013 August – 2016 February

  • Designed and wrote embedded code for various microcontrollers (PIC24F, MSP430, KEA64)
  • Developed and programmed bootloader for Microchip PIC24F to reduce R&D cycle time
  • Programmed authentication protocol for daughter boards to prevent product duplication
  • Implemented communication protocol to address product incompatibilities removing a 6 month freez
  • Performed real-time analysis and optimization to meet hard real-time deadlines
  • Performed hardware verification and validation and recommended fixes were required

Hardware Engineer (Co-op), Tyco DSC, Concord, 2012 September – December

  • Reverse engineered hardware to aid in problem resolution
  • Conducted hardware testing and evaluation to determine optimal product use and reduce false alarms
  • Designed and prototyped hardware and wrote software for security product installation tool
  • Researched and proposed new methods for detecting breaking glass
  • Sourced and evaluated possible technologies and components for new security product
  • Worked with vendors to determine suitable components to achieve desired product battery life

RF Engineer (Co-op), Tyco DSC, Concord, 2012 January - April

  • Conducted component EOL replacement testing and evaluation
  • Conducted matching, sensitivity and reliability testing using various RF test equipment proving layout changes would not be needed preventing expensive resign costs
  • Ensured reliability and repeatability to pass EMI testing allowing for sales in foreign markets
  • Researched and sourced ZigBee modules to ensure compatibility with GSM frequencies
  • Conducted GSM interference testing with proprietary communication protocol removing the need for a redesign or protective circuitry

Software Specialist (Co-op), MDA Robotics, Brampton, 2010 May - August

  • Validated and corrected schematics and PCB layouts
  • Sourced wire, connectors and cable assemblies specific for space applications
  • Wrote test code for FPGAs using C++ to validate FPGA design and operation
  • Reviewed safety procedures and documentation for robotics testing to ensure CSA compliance

Robot Software Specialist (Co-op), Clearpath Robotics, Waterloo, 2009 September - December

  • Researched current robot control software to maximize market usage
  • Consulted on current radio control hardware to help design team make informed decisions
  • Implemented robot control protocol in C++ to allow for usage by a greater audience
  • Wrote drivers to interface between control protocol and custom hardware

Assistant OLED Display Test Engineer (Co-op), IGNIS Innovation Inc., Kitchener, 2009 January - May

  • Wrote automation software for OLED display testing using C#
  • Tested and debugged automation code to ensure multithreaded code would behave as expected
  • Tested and troubleshoot logic circuits to determine root cause of over current issue
  • Populated prototype PCBs with surface-mount components (0603, 0402, 100+ pin ICs)
  • Designed and machined thermal test stands and AMOLED display protection jackets

Assistant Researcher (Co-op), Xerox Research Center Canada, Mississauga, 2008 May - August

  • Researched and adapted previous experiments reducing redundant experimentation with improved results
  • Prepared samples for X-Ray diffraction, TEM and SEM analysis, made decisions for further trials and tests based on analysis
  • Developed and conducted test procedures for determining consistency and repeatability of material production

Assistant Researcher (Volunteer), York University, Toronto, ON, 2006 June - September

  • Built current control and precision cooling system for an electron excitation laser using general design principles and processes
  • Sourced components and hardware for use in vacuum chambers

Volunteer Experience

UW Rocketry Team, Waterloo, ON, April 2013 – August 2015

  • PCB Layout and design of rocket telemetry board
  • Selected, tested and integrated components ensuring all parts would remain operational during launch


  • BASc. Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, 2013

Relevant Projects

Fourth Year Design Project

Robot communication reliability decreases as tasks and situations become more complicated. To solve the issues facing robot control and data transmission, it was proposed to use a network of autonomous mobile nodes to maintain communication between a home and an operational robot.
The mobile multi-node communication network orients itself to optimize connectivity. This method is more reliable than using a two node network. Two advantages of the proposed system are: multiple nodes allow for a more robust communication link between the home and the operational robot, as well as reduce the radio power needed to maintain a communication link. Radio communication barriers may also be traversed without losing connectivity between the home and the operational robot.
Other multi-node mobile networks lack intelligence, using floating nodes without re-location or network optimization. The proposed system excels by employing advanced principles of operation, including: mapping techniques and signal strength monitoring.

Activities and Interests

  • Radio Control Airplane
  • Wood/Glass Engraving and Sandblasting
  • Off-Road/Mountain Biking
  • Hiking

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